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Official characters of the 2024 Continental Rally: Ojopelao the Hummingbird & pals. 

Access the Rally

Our foundation contributes with innovative strategies in education, energy efficiency, water and waste management, production of healthy food, low carbon and Risk Disaster Management actions among private and public schools in all the hemisphere.
Deadline for applications: September 23, 2024

Continental Rally puppets being part of exhibitions in associated museums all over the continent.

Applications for Museums of the Americas

Our foundation has opened the opportunity for Museums to apply as one of the 16 Museums of the 2024 Continental Rally. We offer associated museums an excellent opportunity to increase their visibility, enrich their cultural programming, foster community engagement, and strengthen their institutional relationships, all while supporting important values of sustainability and cultural development. 
With the communicational support of IberMuseus.
Deadline for applications: July 16, 2024.

Participants from San Francisco de Peñas Blancas School, from San Isidro, Costa Rica.

Applications for Official Partners (Regional and National Governments)

Our foundation has opened the opportunity for regional and national governments to apply as Official Partners. By doing so, they will be able to catalyze their EDS and DRR plans and programs through ‘Country Challenges’ and by organizing a National/International Forum on Sustainable Innovation and Risk Reduction tailored to their priorities,  Official Partners will be able to submit relevant national programs to be highlighted in the inter-American heritage.
Deadline for applications: August 16, 2024.

Students drawing a wall in the Water Challenge from INETEB La Boquilla, Colombia.

Applications for Development Funds and Agencies

Our foundation is reaching out to development funds to establish four Inter-American Innovation and Resilience Centers in Partner countries. Simultaneously, we are engaging them to a comprehensive training programs supported by a school platform, designed not only for governments but also catering to schools, teachers, school leaders, and students. These programs cover a diverse array of key topics, integrating opportunities and possibilities within communities.
Deadline for applications: August 16, 2024.

Adriana Hoffmann Environmental Training Academy of Chile, recognized as a distinguished National Environmental Practice in America by the Vive con Esperanza Foundation at the end of the last Continental Rally.

Applications for Academies and Universities

In partnership with universities and Academies from the hemisphere, the Continental Rally strengthens its impact through a knowledge network, design of specific courses, research, student internships, and extensive dissemination, contributing to shaping a generation of leaders who are more skilled and committed to sustainable development and the resilience of their communities.
Deadline for applications: August 16, 2024.

Students of Pablo Pizzurno School from Cordoba, Argentina, working in the 10.000 Trees Challenge, with the Green Drinks support.

Applications for Civil Society Organizations and NGO´s

Our initiative brings together NGOs and associations in a large Innovation Network, joining efforts to transform schools into Sustainable Innovation Centers. Through digital business mentoring, we empower young leaders to create impactful projects. Additionally, we form community resilience networks, strengthening the capacity to face the challenges ahead together.
Deadline for applications: August 16, 2024.

A Kindergarten student of La Inmaculada School teaches the public how to care for local coastal biodiversity, with the support of Planet Dolphin Eco Adventure, a local private in Quepos, Costa Rica.

Applications for Privates

Our initiative focuses on collaboration with companies to develop donations and financial sponsorships, supporting projects and activities in schools and innovative educational content. In addition, together we work to improve technological infrastructure and digital connectivity, providing access to new technologies that enrich the educational experience.
Deadline for applications: August 16, 2024.

Dominican Republic National Committee of the Continental Rally 2016.Headed by CNDU Unesco RD.

International & National Committees.

Vital platforms for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and collective action towards achieving sustainable development and disaster risk reduction goals in the Americas.

An outstanding history of 15 years, raising changemakers!

From humble beginnings to hemispheric impact and recognition as InterAmerican Heritage, we continue to write our history with passion and dedication, empowering children and youth.