Want to make a difference? Join us and be part of a community that supports Sustainable Development projects while providing mutual assistance. #VolunteeringEsperanza

Children participating in the “More Trees More Hope” Challenge of the Continental Rally .IE 305 Chulucanas, Perú.

Document, promote and get funds for strenghten local school projects

Our volunteering program allows you to document and promote Sustainable Development and Risk Reduction projects in Schools helping them gain visibilty and attract support, to achieve success and impact while you strenghten your mobility capacity to keep your passion.

For professionals and university students.

Laura Hockmann from Science Po-France, making a volunteering action across Costa Rica, through the Ministry of Public Education MEP Support into the Continental Rally framework.

Boost a national or international action through the Continental Rally

By participating in our volunteering program, you can lead the Sustainable Development and Risk Reduction in territories, countries and in all the hemisphere, contributing for the impact of Vive con Esperanza in different target publics,  focused on education of children and youth.

Only for high level professionals and experts.

Children playing and sharing in the Water Challenge, Escuela Puente Pampa, Cochabamba, Bolivia, Continental Rally.

Connect and support each other

Our volunteering program fosters a sense of community among volunteers, providing them with a platform to conect, share experiences, and offer a valuable support to one another in through different territories and countries. 

Only for top rated volunteers.

Volunteering team members participating in the organization of the first Continental Rally, 2014

Join our community of changemakers!

We bring together individuals with a profound understanding of the global challenges in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). These leaders not only possess outstanding technical skills, but also are guided by a deep sense of social responsibility and a genuine desire to make a difference in the Americas


Young girl wearing a sweatshirt with tha Continental Rally official logo. Available only for Volunteers.

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From customized clothing and accessories to badges and identification materials, Volunshop offers a comprehensive range of items that help volunteers stand out and foster a strong sense of unity within the community. Whether it’s shirts, hats, lanyards, or identification cards, our shop ensures that volunteers are easily identifiable and approachable, enhancing their impact and engagement during our projects